A brass and ivory planetarium or orrery, by A. W. & S. Jones, London, circa 1800.

A. W. & S. Jones were among the greatest scientific instrument makers in London in the early 19th Century. 

This mechanically complex device demonstrates the order of the planets and their moons and their orbits around the sun.

Two secondary devices, also shown, called tellurians can be attached to the baseplate in place of the planets to demonstrate astronomical phenomena such as the reasons for day and night, seasons, and eclipses related to the diurnal rotation of the earth, the annual revolution of the earth around the sun, and monthly revolution of the moon around the earth.

This model belonged to Henry, 10th Earl and 1st Marquess of Exeter (1754-1804.)

In the Inventory of Burghley that was taken after his death in 1804, it is recorded as: ‘Library…a Mahogany box with orrery /Jones/.’


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