A circular silver-gilt paten, Simon Owen, London, 1609. A silver-gilt steeple cup and cover, London, circa 1609. A silver-gilt double cup, German, circa 1600. A silver-gilt mounted agate bowl, Prague or South German, late 16th/early 17th Century. Two small enamelled gold reliefs, English, late 16th/early 17th Century. A gilt-copper crucifix, Italian, circa 1500. A large silver-gilt mounted hardstone tankard, circa 1610. A gold-mounted agate spoon and fork, South German or English, circa 1600. Workes of Armorie, published by Richard Totelli, 1572. A moulded and enamelled porcelain snuff bottle, 1800-1850. A glass overlay snuff bottle, 1720-1830. A quartz snuff bottle, 1760-1900.