The West View of Burghley House; A Perspective View of The Inner Court of Burghley House and The South West View of Burghley House, by John Haynes. An opaque white glass snuff bottle, Chinese, 1750-1850. A porcelain snuff bottle, Chinese, 1820-1889. A Portrait of Isabella Montgomery, by The Hon. Henry Richard Graves (1818-1882). Burghley from the South West with Deer, by George Garrard, A.R.A. (1760-1826). The Tribute Money, after Matthias Stomer (c1600-after1652). Una and the Lion, Circle of Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807). A Prize Bull in a Landscape, by Richard Whitford (1854-1887). A Queen Anne silver-gilt sideboard dish, London, 1702. Venus, Cupid and Mercury, by Benedetto Luti (1666-1724). A Portrait of a Gentleman, English School, second half of the 17th Century. A pair of Continental filigree caskets.