A moulded and enamelled porcelain snuff bottle, 1800-1850. A glass overlay snuff bottle, 1720-1830. A quartz snuff bottle, 1760-1900. A Cantonese giltmetal-mounted enamel shell snuff box, mid 18th Century. A Berlin enamel snuff box, the silver mounts Paris, 1750. An Italian gold-lined tortoiseshell and gold piqué snuff box, early/mid 19th Century. A flintlock blunderbuss, with brass three-stage barrel engraved ‘E’, a coronet above for Exeter, circa 1680. A gold and enamel mounted coral flask, 17th Century. A gold, enamel and gem-set miniature pilgrim flask, probably English, circa 1660. A jet scent or snuff bottle carved in the form of a pine cone, Indo-Portugese, late 17th Century. A pair of silvered and bronze hounds, North Italian, 17th Century. A pair of porphyry urns and covers, Roman, 17th Century.